So....How much does it cost to paint a house? 2019

Exterior Painting Price Guide 2019

Whether it's a web inquiry or I'm quoting a prospective clients home, the answer they just can't wait to hear is "how much will painting cost?".

Well, It depends. There can be massive differences. In conversation with one Client (Georgia), she had a range of quotes to Repaint the Exterior of her Victorian home. Prices ranged from $6,000, $15,000 all the way up to to $33,000!  We got the Job, coming in at $16610 including GST.

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Georgias House Before Painting.

Georgias House Before Painting.

During Painting of the Outdoor entertaining area at Georgias Home.

During Painting of the Outdoor entertaining area at Georgias Home.

So why the Huge Price differences?

I don't know. Under or over valuing labour and time I guess.

Over the years, we've worked out what we need to charge for painting to survive and what you guys are mostly happy to pay.

We have a pretty straightforward pricing structure based per lineal, square metres, floor area, how many of what, where, access, height, condition and coatings. It's then cross-checked against estimated time to complete and how much man power needed.

A quote takes about 15 - 30 minutes, we'll try to give you a quote on the day, which also explains what we'll do, what we'll use, what to expect, when to expect us and how long the job will take.

So what Prices can you expect?

Resene paints has two great guides for the trade (and the curious customer) "Average rates for Painting"  and a "Pricing guide " . Although the guides are probably 10 years old and don't account for inflation, they'll show you painting charges and how painters should formulate rates to make a living. 

Resene Painting price guide.PNG
BCR Painting - Resene Painting cost guide

Painting Price Guide

Eaves and Fascia only (Average Size Home) : $1600-$2200

Eaves and Fascia.jpg

Average Bungalow Brick Veneer or Rendered - $4400-$7700





Kline St house.jpg

Small Weatherboard or in Home in Very Good Condition: $7700 - $12200

Exterior modern Home after.jpg
THIS HOUSE COST $8800 with a large pergola outback and carport on the side.

THIS HOUSE COST $8800 with a large pergola outback and carport on the side.

Small Victorians depending on size and Condition :$12- $18,000


You can even hold onto your money for other things and pay the painting cost off fortnightly with up to 36 months Interest free payment options through Certegy Ezi pay.

Ballarat Painters - BCR
Ballarat Painters BCR Painting
Johnson St After BCR Painting


In October 2016 - Deas and Keegan's former Johnson St home was Bank valued. Believing they could get a better valuation they invested $13,200 into the painting of the home with us.

A week after completion, a $50,000 higher re-valuation was received.
The added visual appeal from a fresh paint job is incredible and obvious, but the substantial financial gains often go under the radar.

It really does make sense to invest in the painting of your home.

Larger Weatherboards to Mansions like the ones below $18-45,000


Good Condition Interior Repaints: $5000 - $10000 

Interior Repaint2.jpg
Interior Repaint1.jpg

New Builds: $5000 - $15,000


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Sometimes customers just want to hire hourly. As of June 2019, We charge an hourly rate at $77.00 per hour for a Residential Client with a minimum of 3 hours work. Sounds kinda Expensive? We promise to turn up when we said, we offer a guarantee, we're accountable for our work and we will get you results fast, we will give you great value for your money.

The Job below cost the Client including materials only $590.


So that about wraps it up guys, I hope this is helpful.

When doing your researchyou may find ultra cheap estimates on Job posting Sites. The Prices are not realistic. Service estimates a Bedroom Repaint at $180. That would take at least One man One day that's $22.50 per hour which is less than the gross cost of a minimum wage retail assistant ($24.50) with no super, no tax, no insurance, no travel and no warranty, But if that's all you can afford at the time then by all means go for it :)

Happy Painting.

Service Seeking Estimates Room at $180   Service Seeking -

Service Seeking Estimates Room at $180

Service Seeking -

Paints we use: Haymes -Wattyl - Resene

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We currently service Ballarat, Melbourne, Geelong and Bendigo and Surrounding areas.